Welcome to our website and our meetings!

We are an Evangelical, Baptist, gathering in Skellefteå.
Our goal is to plant a church in Skellefteå with support from Relational Mission with which we have good relations and share common values.

We want to have Jesus and the Bible in the center of our meetings and our lives. The sovereignty, holiness and goodness of God, the deity, atonement and resurrection of Jesus, and the work of the Holy Spirit in the life of the Christian, are foundational in our faith.

When we gather, we want to pray, praise God, read the Bible and have good fellowship and conversations.

Our gatherings are currenly in Swedish, but you don't have to know Swedish to come!

References and links:

Relational Mission, the organisation we are connected to

The Gospel Coalition Norden
(Good Christian content in English and Swedish and other Nordic languages)

The Gospel Coalition International